1. What is A Free School and for whom :

“A free school” is a free school for very poor child and mostly for orphaned child. A free is an origination which provides free education to poor and orphaned child who live in a slum. This School founded by Rezwan Ahmed Rozeal & working with him his few friends Amirul Islam jewel, Touhid Islam, Al Amin Sabbir & few more.

The street child is very poor and orphaned children with them at the Free School. There are many children in our society, just like the people who cannot read and write. AFS wants to make something for them. Frankly, They would like to do something for them. With a little education and Vocational training can show them a way to happiness. It may change in the child’s life.


AFS is now serving free education with materials including free books and other study materials from their own pocket money which they get from parents and by teaching children of rich families privately.


  1. AFS Mission & Vision :

Build an International Technical Institute where our student can study totally free. Make them to be Self Independent. Increase them for study. Increase them for children don’t have right education.


  1. AFS Target Student’s:
  2. I) street child
  3. II) very poor children

III) orphan children.

  1. IV) Slum children


  1. Training system :
  2. I) Play to VIII (running)


  1. Future plan :
  2. II) VIII to Vocational Trade course (Electrical, Mechanical, Refrigeration, Civil, Architecture, Computer)

III) Vocational Trade course to Polytechnic Institute

  1. IV) Polytechnic to University
  2. V) Help to Higher education for brilliant street & orphan children
  3. VI) After education, We will get them job.


  1. AFS offers :
  2. I) Free books for our children
  3. II) Free study material for students.

III) Extra extracurricular

  1. IV) Free Tiffin
  2. V) helps to find vocational training & higher Education.
  3. VI) After education, We will arrange job for them.