Actress Priyanka Chopra wants to be an achiever


On-screen character Priyanka Chopra, who is scaling new statures globally, says she wouldn’t like to farthest point herself and tries to be an achiever, including that ‘there is no extravagance of stopping to be an achiever’, reports Hindustan Times.

The performing artist, who got into the spotlight on a worldwide stage with her American TV show “Quantico” and will soon get into the Hollywood field with ‘Baywatch’, says it is imperative to discover one’s shortcoming and spotlight on simply the qualities.

‘For me, more than being an on-screen character or a performer or any of the various things that have been given, I need to be an achiever and I would prefer not to be constrained to only one thing,’ Priyanka said.

She included: ‘You need to make sense of what your shortcoming and your qualities are. When you distinguish your shortcoming and your quality, you put the shortcoming in a container, close it and put it away and you concentrate on the quality and you turn into the best form of whatever you are inside that time and you never sit and say ‘Gee golly I botched up and I can’t do it’.