Ferdous new film Shewla


The chief of noted performing artist Ferdous Ahmad’s new film “Shewla” (Moss) was hit screen in the Dhaka Regency Celebration Hall on Sunday.

Data Minister Hasanul Haq Inu was available at the service as the central visitor.Ferdous will assume the part of a boatman in the film,

The performing artist said, “The motion picture will highlight different parts of superstition. This is an account of the town where individuals lead a straightforward life. I had been doing this sort of story some time recently. I trust this will be a decent work.”

Sayeb Bappy and Ehsan Choudhury coordinated the film where Shatabdi Wadud, Payel Mukherjee, Dr Aziz, Jayosree Kar Jaya, Nawsheen Nahreen Mou, Monira Mithu and a great deal more worked.

Individual Assistant to the Prime Minister Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Yahya Chowdhury, MP and Chairman of Cambrian Education Group MK Bashar were likewise present on the event.