Kiran Chandra Roy releases Album Padabali

Kiran Chandra Roy

Famous artist Kiran Chandra Roy has discharged a collection. involving understood padabali.Titled Meghjani, the collection has as of now hit the business sector under the standard of Bengal Foundation. Kolkata-based artist Durbadal Chatterjee created its music.

‘I have frequently sung kirtans [devotional tunes commonly about Krishna] on solicitation, and have recorded a couple of here and there. In any case, this is my first completely fledged collection on padabali kirtans,’ said Kiran Chandra Roy, trusting it would be grasped by the audience members.

The collection contains ten padabali kirtan, an antiquated sort of music highlighting rasa-leela between Lord Krishna and Radha, by six Vaishnava writers.Among them are six kirtans by driving Vaishnava artists Vidyapati, Govinda Das and Gyan Das.

These are Vidyapati Madhab Bahut Minoti Kori and Aju Rajani Home Bhaj, Govinda Das’ Dholo Kancha Anger Laboni and Megh Jamini Cholilo Kamini, and Gyan Das’ Rup Lagi Pakhi Jhure and Sukhera Lagiya NE Ghar Badhinu.

One padabali kirtan by each of Dwij Chandi Das, Balaram Das and Jadu has additionally discovered their way into the collection, while the wellspring of another is obscure.

In his distinguished profession, the national grant winning artist Kiran Chandra Roy, who works in baul tunes, has recorded tunes of all customary musical sorts.

He has an aggregate of 30 solo collections shockingly, and has played out everywhere throughout the world in nations, for example, India, China, Japan, Singapore, Qatar, Nepal,North and South Korea, England, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden and Canada.