Official says Facebook will be all video, no content in 5 years

Official says Facebook will be all video, no content in 5 years

Video must do well on Facebook, because an official at the organization just predicted that is all Facebook will be in five years.

Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s VP of European, Center Eastern and African operations, said at a gathering Tuesday that in five years, Facebook “will be most likely all video,” Quartz reported. Mendelsohn included that video is “the best approach to tell stories in this world” and “helps us to digest a great deal more data.”

Mendelsohn is foreseeing the obsolescence of the composed word, in any event on Facebook, as per Quartz.

That sounds unrealistic, yet consider the way Facebook is decreasing an emphasis on content and plunging headfirst into video with numerous late updates and features.

Facebook Live has blasted in prevalence since it got to be interested in the general population this year. Numerous consideration getting videos have gone up on Facebook Live, including President Check Zuckerberg’s late conversation with astronauts on the Universal Space Station.

As GIFs, photos and moving images have turned out to be increasingly prominent replacements for content reactions, Facebook has responded by permitting users to post videos as comments on the social system.

Facebook is also one of the first places on the web to host 360-degree videos and photos, and the inclusion of virtual reality media will open up new, non-content based ways to share your life and news with friends and followers.

Just because video is developing in fame and developing Facebook doesn’t mean the social system will expel ways to sort. Also, some individuals will always incline toward composed words to moving pictures and sounds.

Still, Mendelsohn said video-based communications will just proceed to develop and turn out to be more typical, including, “We’re seeing a year-on-year decay of content.”