Zahid Hasan on the extra large screen

Zahid Hasan

After 5 years, the up and coming film Zahid Hasan Iftekhar Chowdhury at the end of the day slated to show up on the extra large screen in ” “Bijlee.”

What part a man has a visitor part, chief just said, got some information about playing senior performing artists with a quiet nature. No further divulgence may be seen on the screen.

Likewise celebrated on-screen character Shatabdi Roy of West Bengal will be introduced on the screen, on-screen character Bobby, alongside the part main. Dhallywood previous Iliyas Kanchan, Ahmed Rubel, Dilara Zaman, and shimla Khan will beauty diverse part “Bijlee.”

Zahid Hasan, who began his silver screen 30 years of Abdul Latif Bachchu, “Bolban,” was found in the last film “Projapoti.”